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The primary focus of the sport-specific weight-training program is FUNCTION

What is function?

Function is integrated, proprioceptively enriched, multi-dimensional movement patterns requiring acceleration, deceleration, and stabilization. Functional training is not a one-dimensional approach that focuses solely on producing maximal strength gains in individual muscles. It is a comprehensive approach that strives to improve all components necessary to achieve athletic success. By implementing this type of training you will improve neuromuscular efficiency throughout your entire body.

What will I get out of this type of training?

The benefits of this program include increased strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, and lean body mass and decreased body fat and risk of injury.

At what age can my son/daughter start resistance training and how will they benefit?

A single, safe, appropriate age for beginning strength training cannot be cited for all children. However, readiness for a program depends on a child's belief that weight training is worth while, desire to participate in a weight training program, maturity to follow instructions and discipline to lift weights several days per week.

Part of the early controversy on this topic was whether children could really improve their muscular strength. Recent investigations show that muscular strength improvements are indeed possible in children, including prepubescent children. However, children gain strength by improving the functional ability of the nervous system, rather than by dramatically increasing the size of the muscle (hypertrophy).

Because large increases in muscle mass beyond normal growth are not possible in younger children, it is important that they do not participate in resistance training based only on the hope of getting big muscles. As children, especially males, grow older and go through puberty, they are able to increase muscle size, which can then become a goal of training. At earlier ages, athletes should set goals of improving muscular fitness and endurance, preventing injuries, and improving coordination and balance and enhancing sport performance.

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the program varues based on the program you choose. Most programs are 3 times per week and usually last one to one and half hours each day. The program may include traditional resistance training, interval training, complex training, circuit training, and Olympic style weight lifting.

When should I begin the sport-specific weight training?

You can start at any time during the year. The system of periodization is established to prevent overtraining and optimizes peak performance through training. Periodization organizes training into cycles of training objectives, tasks, and content. This theory describes an individual's ability to adapt to stress.

How is the sport-specific weight-training program at Carolina Acceleration different from other weight training programs?

First of all a strength and conditioning professional will perform a NEEDS ANALYSIS. This is when the professional analyzes the fitness needs of both the activity and the individual athlete involved in the sport. Secondly, a thorough evaluation covering strength, flexibility, power, speed, and endurance will be performed. Lastly, the training methods and modes used will meet the needs of the individual in his or her sport and utilized within the context of periodization.

What types of activities will I be required to do during my training?

You will perform many different types of training depending on the individual and the sport. Some forms of training that may be used are flexibility, resistance (dynamic and/or manual), free-weight (may include Olympic style lifts), resistance machines, plyometrics, aerobic, anaerobic, interval and speed training.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

The first day, we will complete the needs analysis. This consultation will be required before you do any training. (This consultation will count as one session). On the second day, come dressed to workout or have shorts, T-shirt, and cross trainer or basketball type shoes to change into.

You'll begin with an evaluation covering flexibility, strength, and endurance. This is a demanding session. You'll want to eat a light meal two to three hours before your appointment. Bananas, grapes, crackers, and juice are good choices if you need a snack.

You're initial evaluation takes one and half-hours. Following sessions will range between one and one and half hours.


What others say:

" I have gained 25 lbs of muscle while with Carmine. Hard work was the key too reaching my goals."
Kyle Boyan

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