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Ground Based Program

This Program was designed with a specific protocol that follows a systematic progression of exercises that proceeds from basic balance and movement skills, through multi-directional skills, advanced running, sprinting and jumping. It can be tailored to an athlete's individual sport. This Program was developed for beginner to advanced athletes who want to do traditional ground-based acceleration training only or it can be done in conjunction with the more advanced traditional Frappier Acceleration Running Program. This Program can also help athletes to maintain their current levels of acceleration ability.


Safety of the athlete is #1. Athletes train in a controlled environment allowing trainers to inform them of the specific drills prior to beginning. All athletes are under adult supervision during training sessions



Watch how it works!

What others say:

" Carmine has done tremendous things for me. He has helped me drop 8 tenths of a second off my 60 yd dash"
Kyle Boyan

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