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The cornerstone program at Carolina Acceleration, the Acceleration program is customized to each athlete by running thorough strength, flexibility, and endurance tests to tell us about your athletic ability, evaluating every major muscle in your body.

Each athlete's training is planned to include:

The running treadmill will be used to analyze and improve your running mechanics. Using mirrors and sometimes a video camera, we show you any problems with your gait. We help you lengthen and quicken your stride, so you're faster and more agile. You'll use the treadmill to run in gradually increasing sprints, so your body gets conditioned to recover quickly from enzymes released during bursts of activity.

Plyometrics are footwork drills designed to improve your balance, agility, endurance, and vertical jump. You'll gain outstanding body awareness and the ability to move more quickly and explosively.

Strength training involves the use of weight lifting equipment to improve your power base. Very young athletes may use strength-building techniques that don't involve weights.

Patented Sprintcords attach to your arms or legs to increase resistance when you're running, hitting, kicking, or throwing. They are used differently for each sport. Sprintcords enable athletes to strengthen at velocities used in actual athletic competition.

The Acceleration Program will:

Increase Maximum Sprint Speed

Athletes will reach optimal speed by increasing the two components of speed: stride length and stride frequency. Stride length increases through improvements in strength and flexibility; stride frequency increases by the selective recruitment of neuromuscular pathways.

Increase Anaerobic Tolerance

By increasing lactate tolerance and lactate clearance capacity, athletes gain the ability to maintain maximum speed for a longer duration or for repeated bouts without decreasing speed. Recovery times have been noted to be reduced by as much as 50 percent.

Improve Sprinting Biomechanics

Incline running on the treadmill allows specific development of the key factors associated with acceleration, optimizing both the training effect and the training area. Forward acceleration can only be developed from a certain point in your stride to toe off. That's why incline capabilities help each athlete learn and maintain knee drive, proper pelvic and trunk position, forceful contraction of the lower extremity, optimal stride length and properly coordinated upper extremity movement. Our high-speed treadmill also allows for specific neuromuscular recruitment and synaptic response.

Increased Aerobic Base For Long Distance Running

The distance running protocols are for 800 to 1500 meter and 3k to 10k. These protocols were designed to precisely train endurance runners with Frappier Acceleration Sports Training technology and to be as specific to race distance as possible. Endurance training needs to have an aerobic base and enhancement of this base should lead to greater success in long distance running.

Increased Proprioception, Improved Body Composition & Enhanced Self-Esteem

Gains in each of these areas come directly or indirectly from completing the Frappier Acceleration Running Program. And each, in turn, can contribute to an athlete's gain in speed and overall success.

Provide Safety

Safety of the athlete is #1. Athletes train in a controlled environment allowing trainers to inform them of the specific drills prior to beginning. They are under adult supervision during training sessions and are always spotted when running on the Super Treadmill. The Super Treadmill has a subsurface designed from interchangeable polymers that provides additional shock absorption. The treadmill also has a specially-designed spotting mechanism and handlebar for backward running. A safety harness is also used when the athlete is backpedaling.

Deliver Results

When you train on the Carolina Acceleration Programs, you not only will improve your conditioning to a higher level, but you also improve your quickness, balance, agility and overall athletic performance. The average athlete results are a 2-4 inch increase in vertical jump, a 50% reduction in recovery rates, and a decrease of .20 of a second in a 40-yard sprint.

The program takes approximately six weeks, depending on how you schedule your workouts. You should plan to schedule three sessions a week for maximum strength and physiological changes. You should lift weights two to three times a week, run on the treadmill two times a week and perform plyometrics one time a week. We'll help you plan your schedule when you begin. At the end of the program, you get a follow-up evaluation so we can measure your improvements.

Still have questions about the Acceleration Program?? Check out the Acceleration Program FAQ page for more questions, answers and details about the program.



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